Hi, I'm Hernping!


Speak to me on ItAllStartsHear.SG!

I've been working with some friends to create a virtual community and meetup space where anyone can speak one-to-one with a real person. You'll be speaking to a trained listener, who we call Hear Buds, about anything you wish to talk about, whether it is your problems, relationships, or struggles in life.


So, need some one to listen in on your burdens? Have a confidential chat and in safe space here.

A Safe Space.
Talk about anything
that's on your mind.


You're not alone.

Share your problems
with a real person 1:1.


Give your mind love
by opening up.


An ongoing friend.

Always there for you.


Or send me a message :)


Email: kayatoastforthesoul@gmail.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/N5t3YJ5u

Instagram: @kayatoastforthesoul.sg