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Into a life worth living.

Hello there old friend - you are my FEAR aren't you?

This is for all of you who are out there embracing your fears.

You and I have shared the same pain. We've come to know that fear has so many different facets to it.

From wearing our vulnerabilities and insecurities on our sleeves, we chose to keep walking forward despite the anxiety, worry, and possibilty of failure.

We chose to pursue our passions in exchange of the pretense of stability, because a life of mediocrity and routine wasn't for us.

We also realised that the pursuit of real connection meant we had to put our hearts on a plate and face up to the possibility of rejection.

But we did it anyway, because what we yearned for was a life that was absolutely worth living.

I'm proud of you.

Be proud of yourself.

A big realisation we had along the way was that fear and excitement were two sides of the same coin.

And that if we continued to run away because of nervousness and fear, what we were also doing was to run away from the thrill and excitement of a meaningful life.

Because the things that cause us the most pain, are also the things we care about most.

You and I, we chose to move forward.

We gave our deepest fears a nod, we comforted them.

And then we kept walking.

Let's keep walking,



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