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Hi, I'm Hernping!

Thanks to everyone out there who supports my little IG page and blog. This funding page isn't for me, I'll continue to do the work I do because I simply love it and it's meaningful :)


But for anyone who wanted to offer some thanks and support, I hope to get your help to fund the therapy journeys of Singaporean Youths who can't afford to seek help. This is achieved through this Singapore-based mental health initiative called IASH.SG I started.

I could really use your help if you're willing :) please do read the stories of some of our current beneficiaries belows!

Help me continue to reach others through and make a real change in the Singapore Mental Health landscape!


With kindness always,


Youth 1 

Currently 18 years old and comes from an emotional and physically abusive home. Parents don't support and are unaware of her help-seeking efforts, so this youth has been saving up her allowance to pay for Therapy.

Youth experiences depression, anxiety, ADHD and is on the spectrum, and deals with chronic physical illness too. Currently seeing a Resident Counsellor with this special subsidy :)

Youth 3

Youth is a victim of sexual assault during secondary school and has suffered significant trauma from the incidents (multiple).

Youth currently experiences flashbacks, panic attacks and has been a long-time sufferer from Depression. Has high tendency to self-harm and multiple suicide attempts.


We gave her a special subsidy that would enable her to go for weekly therapy.

Youth 2

Youth is a long time sufferer of depression and anxiety. This stems from a lot of trauma due to parents, who are not open and willing to let the youth seek help.


Youth currently studies and works two jobs to be able to pay for therapy. We subsidised their counselling so she would have less financial burden on themselves.

Youth 4

Youth was sexually assaulted by family since an early age. Was dismissed by parents about these incidents. Started self-harming in primary school.

Youth faced more sexual assault as well as parental trauma in secondary school. Tried to attempt suicide multiple times and actively engages in self-harm.

We reached this youth through our discord server and offered her free therapy - through which she attends every fortnight now.

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