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Some resources for help :)

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This is for everyone going through a really hard time right now.

Feeling like there's a bit too much weight on your shoulders.

Where things are just too heavy.

So much so that it's hard to go on.

Perhaps you wish you can just disappear right this very moment.

Because if you disappear, the pain will disappear too.

But I see you, and I hear you.

And I can promise you I was once there too.


While I can't promise you that things will get immediately better.

And to tell you the truth, it probably won't.

But this pain that you're carrying right now?

It's way, way, wayyy too heavy.

Especially to carry it all on your own.

And it's perfectly okay to let someone in to help you right where you're at.

No, it's not weak.

No, it's not selfish.

No you're not taking up other people's time and space too.


Because you would gladly do this for someone else.

You wouldn't even hesitate.

So don't hesitate to let someone else in for you too.

That's why I'm also here, that's why I set up this page.

Because I really, really believe in setting up safe spaces.

So that those who've been lost can be seen and heard, just like I wished I was seen and heard all those years ago.

And then be found.

And go on to eventually find themselves too.

Btw, know that I'm not just doing this for you, but for my younger self as well.

For the part of me who once wanted to just disappear, but was found and is now helping to find others too.

Let's keep going.

Take care,



I also created a mental health social enterprise called

Here's some of things we do:

1. You can find a free online peer supporter you can speak 1:1 to via zoom

2. Come join in our community events that focus on safe spaces

3. Counselling and therapy that's really, really affordable too

4. Anonymous discord spaces and we just set up a new telegram community as well :)

5. And you get to meet a community of people who were once lost like me, but now help to find others too


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