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Hi, I'm Hernping!

This is a picture of me trying to surf in Bali, Indonesia. Don't I look like a professional surfer?


No, not really. By my scrunched-up face and absolute terror in my eyes, you probably could guess that I fell down within the next two seconds.


That's no monster wave either.


However, could you have picked up that I suffered from Depression at the time that I took this picture?


My guess is no.

Just because someone carries it well doesn't mean it isn't heavy, right? You never know when they might fall down too.


It wasn't the first time I experienced mental health issues, having suffered earlier on in my life caused by the childhood trauma of my mum passing away when I was Five. You can read a bit more about my story here.

Growing up, I knew I wanted to understand this more and pursued an education in Psychology. I hold a Masters in Psychology and am a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Lured by the bigger paycheck of being in the corporate world, I sold out and joined the rat race instead of pursuing my real passion. That's when Depression slowly took a hold on my mind again, as the meaninglessness of my financial and career pursuits became more and more apparent.

I went for many months feeling terrible. The people I love, especially my wife suffered with me.

Here's me now.

I'm back to living a more meaningful life by helping people as a Work Psychologist and Psychotherapist.


I started this little blog for those of you who need it, just like I did during my troubled times. I hope to share some of the things I've learned from my studies and research while also telling a story with my life experience with you.


I write articles that aim to help you and other Singaporeans learn more about mental health, how to find happiness and to live a more wellbeing-centered lifestyle in our beautiful, sunny Singapore.

As much as I love our country and home, I don't think we've done very well in the realm of mental health. We've been taught to study hard, work hard but yet not have the time to really balance this with our mental wellbeing.

It's almost like a pressure cooker waiting to pop.

Anyway, thanks so much for visiting my little blog.

Take care, friend :)

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My Therapy Services.

To whoever you are reading this, I hope you know that things will get better. Healing takes time, and I'll be glad if you let me be a part of your healing journey too. 

I currently practice at a clinic a set up for IASH.SG (more down below) near Holland Village MRT. Otherwise, we can chat via zoom too.

I offer heavily subsidised counselling there. Why? Well, I'm just hoping to help you in the same way I've been helped by others before :) 

I founded

I created a non-profit social enterprise called IASH.SG and brought like-minded people in to create a space where anyone can speak one-to-one with trained peer supporters as well as join fun mental health events hosted by me and our volunteers.


We are all about creating more safe spaces to talk all things Mental Health in Singapore :)

So, need some one to listen in on your burdens? Whether it's about relationships, mental illness, grief or struggles in life, have a free confidential chat in a safe space here.

Join a Mental Health Community.

I also helped to create a safe online space on Discord for Singaporeans to talk about all things mental health as well as find support from one another.

It's called Come Hear SG, which was named by one of our members after we collected a poll.

You'll find confidential and anonymous text support and peer support voice channels there in the evenings too :)

I'll be on there too!

Accessible Therapy / Counselling.

Counselling & Therapy in SG can be Expensive.

As part of IASH, I've been working to link people up with experienced Counsellors / Therapists as well as Counsellors-in-training who are fulfilling their Practicum Hours to become fully licensed Counsellors.

And it starts from $20 per session - so why not give it a go?

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