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You were supposed to feel "safe" instead.

To everyone out there whose feelings were dismissed when you were kids.

The above are words to my younger self who wouldn't allow himself to cry even after his mum passed away.

"You have to be stronger now", I was told to do instead.

Not allowing myself to feel like I could ask for help or share my deepest feelings.

So I kept it all in.

The world didn't feel very safe for the longest time.

And I grew up spending my childhood pretending that everything was always okay.


To my younger self that suffered through all this, I'm so sorry you were alone in this pain.

Enough of being strong. It was never something you had to do. Let go of that burden now.

You were supposed to be made to feel safe instead.

We've got people in our lives who we can open up safely to now. It's okay to ask for help.

And most of all, I'm here listening to you. I won't let you suffer alone inside me anymore. Share whatever you want to with me.


(Got some words to tell yourself? Go ahead, give yourself the love you always needed)

P.s. Still healing too,



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