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Don't lose heart in your journey.

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Remember who you started this journey for.

This journey is not an easy one, and the truth is you are going to be discouraged along the way.

I've heard so many stories of people who started their journey of healing.

Only to be met with comments like:

"Why are you going to therapy? Is there something wrong with you?"


"How are you still not better? Hasn't it been a year already?"

"Can't you resolve it by yourself yet?"

These words may come with the intention to hurt, or maybe not at all.

But these words do hurt, they sting in fact, but you really need to know this too.

It's about THEM, not you.

Because even though these words might come from people who love us, it also comes from a lack of understanding about what healing takes.

Growth doesn't happen suddenly overnight.

A lifetime of negative beliefs don't simply disappear.

Self-love can't simply be learned if never experienced before.

Nor can Trauma be magically erased.

Even more still for those facing intergenerational trauma, and being the only one choosing to make a change.

Still you started this journey for a reason.

Because you yearned for a life that was different, even if others choose to be stuck in the same.

So keep at it okay, you courageous one.

Keep going and do it for you.

Take care,



One thing I often get told is:

"Maybe you shouldn't be so open and public about your mental health"

"What if it stops you from getting a job?".

My answer is simple:

I wouldn't want to work for such a company anyway. Especially if they don't believe that people with past or existing mental health conditions can heal and thrive.

More so if it was a mental health practice.

And more importantly, I want my clients to know that therapists are humans too. And that we have a shared vulnerability as humans choosing to heal, and it's perfectly okay to not be perfect 😊


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