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Even the Best Swimmers Drown out at Sea.

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Know that people struggling with Depression are already trying their best.

Do we ever blame someone for drowning out at sea?

Probably not.

But why do we blame someone for being depressed? And then begging or telling them to just snap out of it.

It's not so easy - there is a heavy underwater current at work pulling them down.

I know, I've been there too.

And I can tell you that ever though you might not see it, under the surface, they are already paddling as hard as they can just to keep afloat.

So instead of telling them to "just get better", here's something else you could do.

Start by asking them how best you can help them.

Sit down and listen in on what's really going on in their life or in their minds. Then see if you can figure out what's an easy next step forward together.

This next step could be as simple as helping them find a therapist.

Perhaps that's just the nudge they need to take the first step towards healing.

And if u need some free or affordable counselling resources, check out WWW.IASH.SG ok?

Take care,



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