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Here's the truth about ANGER.

Before it existed as anger, it existed as pain.

I don't know about you, but anger was something I always felt ashamed about.

I didn't like that it was something I struggled so much to contain.

It wasn't just me, but I'm sure my loved ones didn't like my anger too.

It made me feel ugly, rotten and guilty in the things that I do.

And to you out there...

I'm sure if you struggled with anger, you resent your actions as well.

Especially in hurting the people you didn't mean to hurt. But in the end you couldn't help but hurt them too.

But here's the thing - you probably found that the more you got angry at others, the more you were angry at yourself.

Like a part of you knows it was unintentional, but you struggled to let go of that feeling then.

And like me, you might be asking - am I so broken? Am I so raw, that my feelings and emotions are beyond my control?

So you got angrier and angrier at yourself. And hating yourself for what you do.

But the realisation is this, to you my friend.

For any of us to heal anger, it isn't to get more angry at it. Not to hate it or to resent it.

Because that would only make you hate even more parts of yourself yet, while you become more and more conflicted inside.

The exhaustion of adding more unwanted fuel to an already tired fire.

So enough is enough, let's focus on this instead.

Change your relationship to anger, see it in its primary form.

For before it was anger, it existed as pain.

And pain is something that we should always comfort. Yes, even within ourselves.

To approach and go towards, so we can learn to heal.

And in the end, to find peace within ourselves again.

Healing from within,




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