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How to be free again.

Embrace that inner child.

To all my fellow tired grown-ups out there.

Where life can feel like too much work and too many responsibilities

I hope you find spots of time to take a "vacation" from being a grown up...

And embrace that little child in you.

In the weekend ahead, I hope you go back to doing something that you simply loved as a child.

Whether it's to go run in a big green park.

Or gaze out longingly at the sea.

Diving deep into a fantasy tale or a storybook.

And find that spot of time for "me".

Because if you really think about it, being a "grown up" is an arbitrary term.

We all still have a little child in us, yearning to simply have fun.

That child in you deserve this.

No matter how old you are, embrace what's within, your little one.

Take a break.

Be happy.

Take care,



P. s. Went for a run to nowhere tonight with my favourite music playing in my ears.

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