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How to find certainty in your life.

Stop looking elsewhere, it's already in you.

"And how do we focus on being the best "us"in this moment?", the boy thoughtfully said.

"Good question", I replied, "By living true to our values. The qualities of our being that no one can ever take away".


"And in that sense, we chose to be kind and accepting to others", I said, "While also being kind and accepting to ourselves as well".

The Boy brightened up, then curiously pondered:

"I like what we've become. But did that stop us from being hurt again?"

I shook my head in reply, and didn't want to lie to my younger self. So I told him this truth instead:

"No it didn't. We got hurt many more times too."

The Boy looked visibly affected. Still the message remained unfinished, the below was what I said:

"But the difference was that despite the hurt that we went through, we remained intact and then kept moving forward anyway".

"We became like a rock, undeniably and unshakeably" me", and like a rock we bounced back up again after each fall, all the while continuing to be the best that we can, to others and to ourselves".

Because no one ever take me away from being me.

With kindness,



P. s. True story and fun fact - I actually have a tattoo of a rock on me. Yes I'm a psychologist with tattoos haha, who says there's anything wrong with that 😁