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I'm coming home to you.

To the younger self I left behind.

To my younger self, I'm sorry I ran away from us.

I was uncomfortable with discomfort, worried that if I came face to face with what you were feeling, it would be too painful for me to bear.

Yet, this only led me to become more and more disconnected from you.

And in the same way, from myself too.

I thought you were the bits of me that were "bad". I was frustrated and annoyed when you made me feel the remnant feelings from my past.

I didn't want to face the regret, shame, sadness, anger and guilt.

But I've come home now.

I no longer choose to be a fraction of myself, feeling only the feelings I thought I was okay to feel.

I choose to be all of me, here to feel what you want me to feel.

It's taken me a long time to do this, but I'm glad I did.

Because in reconnecting with you, I feel all of me again.

When once upon a time the world was black and white, I see the full spectrum of colours.

And as long as we are watching out for each other, we will always be safe.

You are safe with me and I with you.

So rest easy, I'm back home.