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On Slowing Down

Why are you in such a hurry?

Sometimes I catch myself in a blind rush to get through the day.

Thinking that ticking items off my rather endless checklist would get me to a "better" place.

But if you asked me what that place is, and I was being honest, I don't really know.

Perhaps it would be a future where I finally felt thoroughly useful?

Finally feeling like a productive human being living a completely meaningful life?

Maybe even being more successful in life and having no worries whatsoever?

Or perhaps finally shedding all the remnants of my past trauma, and feeling that I'm finally "worthy" or "good enough"?


Thinking about it now, it seems like an arbitrary place doesn't it?

And with that, I realise that blindly rushing is not the way to inner peace.

That really, it's still the "me" struggling to overcome my own self doubts and rush myself to an imaginary place of equanimity.

But no matter how I might "will" it to be, this imaginary place doesn't exist.

I mean, I am human after all, prone to life's ups and downs.

And there is no end point we really need to get to, because the only real end point we can get to is the end of our time on earth.

So I find myself asking, "Why not relish my time now? Through the moments and the ups and downs?"

That's all part of life isn't it?

And doesn't that make it all the more exciting?

I hope you join me in realising this too.

Taking time to watch the night sky tonight,



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