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The unspoken sides of Grief.

To you out there who had to make such a decision

This is for everyone out there who's had to make such a decision.

Walking away from people and things that weren't easy to walk from.

Even though you knew it was the best thing to do for yourself.

Still, it was hard.


It might have been a long time friendship, a group of friends once upon a time ever so close, a job, a course of study, a romantic relationship or even a marriage.

All of them ones that were previously what you wanted and maybe felt like good times.

But yet ones you never imagined would get to this point.

Still, it happened.


And somehow, bravely, you chose to walk away.


But beneath this bravery of moving on, it's inevitable that there still lies grief.

Grief, the push and pull of emotions and wavering of thoughts, wondering:

"Did I do the right thing?"

"What if I tried harder?"

"What if I didn't do this or that?"

Grief makes us wonder a myriad of "what-ifs".


And it makes us think at times the below too:

"Why did this have to happen? I didn't want to give this up".

"Why me? Why this?"

We may ask why a thousand times, but still it did.


So to you out there dealing with such grief, I want you to know that its not easy.

This is the unspoken part of grief, often hard to talk about.

Often hard to admit.

But that's grief talking to us, and to heal from grief is to listen to it.

So when it hurts, allow yourself to feel that hurt. We can't pretend that grief doesn't exist.

But while you're listening to grief, remember that voice inside of you too.

The one that chose this path in the first place, the one that stands firm in your decision.

The one who knows what matters in the long term.

The one that chose to move forward instead of hanging on to more pain.

And remember that though this was not what you wanted, this was still something you needed to do.

You still did it for you.

Let's keep healing,



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