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To the Angry part inside me...

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Let's go heal together now ok?

I always thought I hated the part of me that was angry and resentful.

The part of me who went about lashing out at my loved ones and friends.

All at the slightest sign of mistrust, abandonment or lack of care.

You went ahead and destroyed my friendships. You turned away the people I loved.

You made me feel guilt and shame afterwards.

Unworthy of love.


Still, I see you now.

You are yet another hurt child inside of me - screaming to be noticed and loved.

I'm sorry for ignoring you all these years. I'm sorry for trying to hide you away.

You deserve to be angry, I know. No child wants to feel unheard and unloved. Even I was the doing the same to you.

But I hear you now too.

And I'll see and hear whatever you want to tell me until you're ready to let go.

Because we've got people who love us and are waiting for us to love them too.

Come, tell me all.

(Dedicated to my wife who stayed with me through thick and thin).

Take care,