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We have "No Bad Parts".

Healing ourselves from past trauma.

It's pretty common for us to not like various "parts" of ourselves.

These might be the parts that show up as anger, anxiety, hopelessness, hate, emptiness and so on. Yet the truth is, there are "no bad parts". These parts are just versions of ourselves that got trapped in the past because of trauma.

Think about it:

Anxiety - a part of us that was hurt before and is now fearful for our lives and our future. Anger - a part of us that was unjustly bullied or rejected. Sadness - a part of us still grieving, unnoticed. Loneliness - a part of us yearning to be loved, please. Is it their fault these parts got hurt this way? Would you likewise tell a young child who's suffering the same way that they are "bad" or not good? No. That's just cruel right?

So, we have no bad parts.

We only have "hurt" parts. Yearning for our help to rescue them. And rescue them you will, so you can become whole again. May you be whole again, Hernping