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Why are you in such a hurry to get through life?

Why I've chosen to slow down.

I've been contemplating this topic of "slowing down" quite a bit.

And I'd be the first to admit - it's not an easy one.

For I remember a time when the idea of this was impossible.

Especially in the midst of suffering. I get that, okay?


For me, this was when I was at my previous job at the bank, hating every single moment of my existence there.

The only hope I had was of getting through the day, and then of getting to the weekends, and next the holidays.

I wish I could tell you that I changed my mindset all in one day.

But that would be me lying to you.

Because it didn't happen like that.

In fact I toiled on and on, thinking about quitting everyday, until I finally did.

And that was only when I told myself I would collect my year end bonus first. Which was a good sum of money that would be "worth the wait".

The truth is this. It really wasn't worth it at all.

For the days spent waiting for that time, were also days spent unhappy and feeling sad.

Feeling depressed at myself and affecting my time with my wife too.

And it was time that both our lives felt hurried through and wasted instead.


So my message is this to you out there, are you rushing through life like I did as well?

Have you really thought about it - is what you're rushing towards really worth it?

Is the time you're spending speeding towards this goal, whether money, promotions, relief or financial freedom, worth these moments of your life you'll never get back?

Because if I could take it all back, I know I would. But that's the past, it's something I can't change.


Still, I'm at peace with that. For the life that I've chosen now is to enjoy the moments that I live in instead.

From taking time to enjoy the sounds of wife through her longwinded talks.

To listening to my favourite music on the drive home.

To enjoying my dinner (a duck salad my lovely wife made).

I'm slowing it all down.

Choosing to enjoy my life instead.

Poorer, perhaps, but much happier I'm glad to say.

Doing this proudly for my younger self and me.

Take care,



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