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You took the road less travelled.

You chose to heal.

You took the road less travelled.

You focused on healing yourself.

You're rebuilding a life that has been impacted by something you didn't choose to happen to you.

It wasn't your fault to bear, but still you chose to heal.

You worked hard on your triggers so that you wouldn't need to react in a way you didn't want to.

You worked hard on revisiting a past that hurt you just to even think of it again.

And you worked hard on yourself so you could be the person you wanted to be for yourself, and for the people you love too.

It took you time, but you did the work that many others would have left dormant.

You chose to heal.

Yes you may have struggled, and you may have thrived at times too. And other times you might have felt that you're back at square one again.

But keep the faith. All the work you've been putting into yourself will add up.

Keep moving forward.

This path you're travelling on is a mighty one to take.

Conquer it day by day.

I may not know you yet (and I would like to) but I fully believe in you. So believe in yourself too.

Because one day you will be able to look back on your efforts and say:

"Well done me. I'm proud of my journey."

In fact, how about taking some time to say that to yourself today?

Well done me, I'm proud of my journey.

Take care,



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