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Join me on a 30-day Kindness Challenge!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Doing good not just helps others, but makes you happier too.

We humans feel happier when we act in service to others.

If you've been following along, I've written several articles on kindness on this blog. From a positive psychology angle, performing random acts of kindness is a well-known activity to build happiness in yourself.

To illustrate, a group of people were asked to perform a kind act for seven straight days. Happiness was measured before and after the week of kindness. The result - people felt happier after the week was over.

From a healing perspective, performing daily acts "secret kindness" can also help you reconnect to a positive self-image of yourself. You start to see the goodness inherent within you, instead of reflecting on all the bad.

It's such a simple activity that we can all start doing - spread joy to others and you will find joy in yourself.

Join me on a 30-day kindness challenge.

I'm doing this partly because it's important to practice what you preach. Who am I to write all these articles if I don't live them myself. Why, I'd be a hypocrite! On another part, I'm doing this because I also believe each of us really have the power to make others happier.

It's connects back to what the meaning of life is. From a positive psychology definition, Meaning is about serving something bigger than yourself. What that "bigger" is, that's for you to reflect and find out.

What I know for certain is that my meaning in life is to help other people. As I've begun to discover, there are many avenues for me to do that and this little challenge is another great way to help me live true to my meaning.

So without blabbering on, follow me on this little journey. Join me if you can. I'd love to hear your stories of kindness.