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A "Secret Kindness" Intervention for Depression.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

A gentle self-therapy to help you with Depression.

Depression robs you of the ability to view yourself positively.

It makes you feel guilty, unworthy of love, and makes you feel like a useless human being. Our self-esteem hits rock bottom, and we lose all faith in ourselves.

Because of the weight we carry all the time, we start avoiding the people we love, afraid to pass on our emotional burden onto them - even when we innately know that having their support is good for us.

Depression is also the loss of our ability to feel joy and happiness. We stop doing all the things we used to love to do. It just doesn't feel as fun anymore, let alone having the energy to do it.

Yet, read any self-help article on Depression and it will probably tell you to keep planning pleasurable activities each day.

It's a lot easier said than done, I know. Because even bringing ourselves to continue doing relatively "normal" things each day, like getting out of bed and going to work, is utterly exhausting.

Well, here's a gentler approach to try out and heal yourself from Depression.

A "Secret Kindness" Intervention.

This intervention was shared by the creator of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Dr. Steven Hayes.

It's a simple activity and it goes like this:

Each day, plan and carry out a kind little act for somebody else. If you manage to, try your best to keep it a secret. It can be anything ranging from big to small, for example: