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Anxiety feels like your mind just won't quiet down.


Your thoughts are like alarm bells, a constant warning that you and your future is spiraling out of control.

It makes you feel constantly worried, unable to rest or relax. Your mind rants at you constantly, making you think of all the scenarios that could go wrong. Even the ones that are beyond your control.

Anxiety is experienced physically too. You start sweating, shaking, your heart pounds, you feel nauseous. Thoughts become like a tidal wave, bashing into you and washing you out of reality.


Anxiety experienced like the above isn't normal. The more you delay getting help for it, the more it takes a hold of you. Open up yourself to talking about your burdens, whether with a specialist or with your loved ones.


Here you'll find information on how to recognise Anxiety, how to support someone suffering from it, and some strategies that have been shown to help.


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