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Welcome to
the ACT Method!

Hi guys, Hernping here.


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) has been one of the most powerful reasons why I could step out from Depression and start living a Meaningful life.


You see, sometimes difficult thoughts and feelings are like getting stuck in quicksand.


The more you struggle, the more you get sucked in. Instead, if you accept where you are, stopped the struggle and held yourself steady, you'll start floating back to the surface on your own.


ACT is also very much about discovering what really matters most in your life. These are your values - you can think of them as your compass in life.

In this way, ACT allowed me to transform my life from one of struggling with depressive and anxious thoughts, into one full of love for my family and a sense of purpose for myself.

It's actually made out of a six-step framework.

act six steps_edited.jpg

What I love about ACT is that it's a psychotherapy that you can self-apply to handle difficult thoughts and emotions. 


It's a therapy that you could very well read through on your own, practice the activities and teach yourself the skills to "get out of your mind and into your life".


Of course, if you're dealing with extremely traumatic experiences and emotions, I'd absolutely recommend seeing a Therapist or a Mental Health Specialist to work through them together.


In this page though, I'm hoping to share a complete reading and self-practice guide to using ACT, so you can try out for yourself to see if it helps you just like it helped me.


Below is the reading order. Do note I'm still working on each articles, and will update this guide as they become available. Thanks for your patience.

Start your ACT journey and get better.

And how you can gain the power to do something about it.

A primer on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Getting to know why we are the way we are.

Why you need to get to know your inner critic.

The cost of Experiential Avoidance

We have no bad parts. Yes, even our inner critic.

Practicing Acceptance

Getting to know the "you" that suffered. The younger version of you that is hurt.

The Greatest Story-teller on Earth: your mind.

Everyone of us has a story, what's yours?

What matters most in your life?

Imagine we had a magic wand.

Coming Soon

THE CHOICE Point: putting in altogether.

Gain distance from your thoughts

Coming Soon

Drop The anchor: The most powerful technique you've never known.

Everyone of us has a story, what's yours?

Coming soon

being present: doing mindfulness the right way.

Gain distance from your thoughts

Coming Soon

my mind: the doom and gloom radio. 

What do you do when the thoughts don't stop?

Coming Soon

notice, name, purpose, workability: being flexible with your stories

Gain distance from your thoughts

Coming Soon

stories, beliefs, the self: who are you really?

Introducing the Observing Mind.

connecting with Your observing self. 

Harnessing your Observing Mind.

expansion: Learning to feel again.

More defusion exercises

Comng Soon

Values are your life's compass

Staying true to what really matters

Comng Soon

what's the best possible "you" 

A brief writing activity

Comng Soon

the best version of you, everyday. 

A brief writing activity

Comng Soon

While I'm still building these series, check out these stand-alone articles on ACT.

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