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Hi! I'm Hernping & I'm so glad you're here.


Before I was a Psychologist, I was a Mental Health Patient.

I suffered from Depression, Anxiety and Borderline Personality Disorder ever since I was a child. This really stemmed from my mother passing away when I was five years old.


Being unable to understand the reason for her sudden passing, it led me down a lifepath of uncertainty, fragility and vulnerability - especially to mental health illness. You can read my full story here.

Things got pretty bad until I stumbled upon Psychology in University. Ever since then, I knew it was my goal to become a Psychologist and to help people, like you, get better and happier too.

That's why this Blog isn't just about Healing, it's about getting us to Flourish too. 

Kaya toast for the soul blog_edited.jpg

Nobody wants to feel lousy or having to experience mental illness. It's not by choice if you are.

Whether it is you're suffering from:

  • Depression or Anxiety.

  • Experienced childhood trauma.

  • Are feeling lost in your life.

  • Or simply wish that things will get better.


The key to getting better is about learning to handle your difficult and painful thoughts more effectively - that's where Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) comes in.

It's a newer wave of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapies that teaches you how to stop struggling, and how to understand how your mind works better.


You'll come to learn about the stories you carry with you, how not to run away from negative emotions, and start living your life according to what you value the most.


You might also be here because you're looking for ways to become happier.


Life doesn't feel like it's progressing the way you want it to be. Maybe you feel like you're stagnating or unable to discover your purpose in life.

Positive Psychology is the Science of Wellbeing. It's based on research that looks at what makes your life worth living everyday.


The articles in this area will help you identify your signature strengths, learn how to find meaning in your life and work, build deep connections with the people you love, and cultivate habits that keep your happiness levels healthy.

Essentially Positive Psychology is what takes you from "Blah" to Flourishing!


Image by Alex Brinkman

Part of my meaning in life is to help people find healing.


And that was how Kaya and the Boy doodles was started :)

I'll be honest with you. I'm not much of an artist (haha). In fact, I do all my drawings on my Samsung phone. Yet, somehow or another, these simple drawings struck a chord with people. Perhaps, that's why you are here too. I'm glad :)

You might be wondering what the yellow fluffy thing is. Well, that's Kaya. Named after a popular type of coconut jam that many Singaporeans eat for breakfast and comfort.

In the comics, Kaya is actually the personification of my present self - the one who has been through pain and has embraced healing. As for the boy, that's my younger self, the one who is still in the dark, in need of a guide, and in need of a secure, loving person to help him heal from trauma.


That's actually one of the biggest things you and I will learn about healing - that no one can heal us other than ourselves.

The comics represent the type of therapy I focus on with myself and my clients, it's called Trauma-focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (TF-ACT), integrated with Intern Family Systems (IFS), where we learn to reconnect with and accept our inner child, while going on to create a life worth living.

Thanks so much for visiting my site.

Do drop me and email anytime, whether for questions or if you just want a listening ear.

Remember, you are not alone.

Your friend,


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