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Hi guys, Hernping here!

Positive Psychology is an area of Psychology that focuses on the experiences, people and values that makes your life worth living every day. 

It's a science for everyone, whether it is you're looking for a way to be happier or if you're dealing with mental illnesses. The main goal of Positive Psychology is to help you Flourish in life.


Though it's relatively new compared to other psychology fields, Positive Psychotherapy has shown to be very effective in helping the average person become happier. It's also an alternate treatment for depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other mental illnesses, as well as post-illness or traumatic recovery.

Personally, it's really helped me to shift my focus in life, helping me maintain my happiness post-recovery and especially in discovering my meaning of life.

At the heart of it is the PERMA model:


Start your Positive Psychology journey by understanding what real Happiness is.

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The PERMA model

How to create a Happy

Human Being.

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Our four choices

The different ways we strive for Happiness.

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How Happy are u?

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Discover your Meaning in life.

Start with "WHY"

Learn to make better use of your gifts.


Create habits that work for your Happiness.

Practice makes