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A 15-minute activity to reconnect with your true self.

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

This is Positive Psychology's Best Possible Self Intervention.

Have you ever had that strange feeling that you're simply waiting around for something to happen?

It's an odd feeling, perhaps like something is missing in your life right now.

It's as if our time now is just meant to be passed, until that "something" we are waiting for finally happens. We might even feel a constant tinge of mild sadness because of that nagging, waiting feeling.

Yet do you have a clear idea of what that "something" is?

The truth for many of us is that we've lost sight of what we really value and find meaningful as a person. Instead of focusing our time on things that are actually meaningful to us, we spend our time pursuing what we think is important to us.

Many of us pursue goals that are "societally compliant".

Getting a good job, making enough money, climbing the career ladder, or even trying to settle down with a partner as soon as possible are all goals we think we should have because it is what we believe is the norm.

We are taught and regularly reminded that we need to settle down and have a family by the time we are in our thirties. Wait, what? You're still single? Quickly, find a partner - or so they say.

Other societally compliant goals revolve around achieving our material wants or aspirations. We are a country of rat-racers, giving our lives to run a race in return for status, luxury and money, thinking that it will finally help us reach a happy state.

Yet, because we spend so much of our time committed to such faraway, future-oriented goals, we forego our present. We don't see the happiness of right now.

It's no wonder we find ourselves caught in a stage of life where we feel dissatisfied with, and simply hope to pass us by so we can get on to the next stage.