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You are not "Unworthy".

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Don't let your past and fears define who you are.

Are your fears getting in the way of what you deserve?

Everyone deserves to feel needed and loved.

It's part of being human. We all long for love and connection.

Your past experiences might tell you otherwise, but that's just it isn't it.

It's the past speaking.

They don't define who you are now.

And they don't define who you can be either.

Let go of the past and your fears of being unworthy.

You are already worthy every bit as you are.

And really, if you ever you took a close enough look at that past version of yourself - you'll probably see that this younger you was gravely suffering in silence.

That if anything, this past version of yourself could do with some love and compassion - just as you would give love to a child who was suffering all alone.

Grant this hurt inner child the love it needed, then go ahead and grant yourself the experience that you both deserve.

Be loved,



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