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Improve your relationships with Active Constructive Responding.

Updated: May 19, 2021

Did you know that how you celebrate together is a stronger predictor of a good relationship than how you fight?

When thinking about the happiness of a loved one, nothing comes more strongly to mind than the sharing of good news, good events and good times with each other.

However, we sometimes unwittingly sabotage the happiness of the person we love because of the way we communicate back.

Our friends, or husband or wife, or our many other loved ones might share with us something fantastic that has happened to them. They are super excited and happy about it.

However, for any number of reasons, we behave like a complete goondo and brush it away, making it insignificant.

Wife: "Honey! I so Happy! Today I won $20 NTUC voucher in company lucky draw!"

Husband: "$20 only. Cannot even buy Garoupa to steam lor."

Perhaps during then, we are busy with something and are distracted. We might be feeling gloomy or worn down at that point of time. Maybe it's just that we are plain selfish and can only think of our own happiness.

Whatever the excuse, we steal away from that person an opportunity to be happy. And further to that, an opportunity to be happy together.