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5 Outdoor Activities in Singapore for a Happier Weekend.

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Get out of your usual weekend routines and try these activities for a more well-being focused life!

Weekends are very precious to us Singaporeans, but do we really make the most of our weekends?

Yes, work is very tiring. We chiong all week like one siao kia in our busy jobs. When Friday evening comes and we finally get toleave our work places for the week, it's like some heavenly chorus singing a glorious hymn to us.

"The weekend is here. Rejoice. Rejoice".

But what do we Singaporeans usually get up to on the weekends?

  • Sleep in and only wake up in the afternoon.

  • Play game and watch TV.

  • Catch up on Korean Drama.

  • Go Orchard Road or shopping mall gai gai.

  • Go Café drink coffee and go on some pretend Eat, Pray, Love food journey.

Many of us do the same thing over and over again. You not sian meh?

Is this where you spend your weekends?

Then when Sunday evening comes and you have to go back to work, you suddenly feel so blue and think to yourself:

"Aiyah I never do anything fun this weekend".

For a nice change, here's 5 unique outdoor activities that you can try out this weekend. It might make you feel happier!

1. Visit a Dog Run and play with some cute dogs.

Singapore has done really well in the park department. Not only do we have many beautiful parks all over the city giving us quick access to nature, but there are parks for dogs to run around too.

These are called Dog Runs.

You can find parks with Dog Runs by doing a simple google search, but some of the better ones are:

  • Bishan Park Dog Run

  • East Coast Park Dog Run

  • Sembawang Park Dog Run

  • West Coast Park Dog Run

  • Clementi Woods Dog Run

You can check out SmartLocal's complete guide for more info.

East Coast Park Dog Run

Visiting a Dog Run is a great way to get some sun and nature, as well as spending time with Man's best friends!

You don't even need to own a dog to visit a Dog Run. As a pet owner myself, I've seen many people without dogs come in to watch the dogs go crazy.

You can even pet a friendly dog too!

Just do be considerate by waiting until it's less busy before going in. If there are too many people, then the dogs won't have anywhere to run!

2. Go for a long, long swim.

When was the last time you went swimming? You don't need to be the next Joseph Schooling to enjoy this healthy and relaxing activity!

Whether you're a breaststroke swimmer or a front crawl swimmer, it really doesn't matter.

Head to one of our many public pools this weekend and enjoy a mix of heat from the sun and cool from the water.

Our public pools are really affordable at just two bucks a pop. If you're that cheapskate, ask a friend who stays in a condo if you can come by.

Not only is swimming great for your physical health as it gives you an full body workout, but it's also great for your mental wellbeing too!

Research has shown it can boost your mood, reduce your stress levels as well as improve your sleep. It's also a great way to get into a Flow state.

Just aim to get a nice and easy long swim in. Aim for at least half an hour to a full hour. You'll feel much better for it after!

If you're up for it, try some swimming in our friendly oceans too. Some of the best places for open water swimming are in Sentosa, for example at Tanjong Beach. You will find many other swimmers enjoying the ocean vibe and soft currents there.

If you're going for a swim there, do make sure there are lifeguards around and swim with an Open Water Swim Buoy. It helps to make sure you're visible and it's also something to grab on too in case of strong currents.

3. Have a picnic at the beach

"Picnic in our humid weather? You siao ah!"

Don't sit in the open hot sun lah! Just visit East Coast Park or Pasir Ris Park and you'll find no shortage of shaded spots under big, leafy trees to sit under.

Grab a picnic mat, tabao some food and bring an esky full of cold drinks or even beer and you'll be sorted for the next few hours.

Just enjoy the nice relaxing time out by the ocean. Enjoy the sun, wind and sounds of the ocean. Even go out for a dip in the water. Singapore isn't known for the most beautiful beaches, but spend some time doing this and you might find that our waters have their own little charm!

4. Go for a forest bath.

Being out in nature has always been a way of helping humans be at peace. Surrounding yourself in a lush, green environment can help you take your thoughts away from your busy weekly rountines and bring them to the present.

The Japanese practice this so widely that they have a name for this. It's called Shinrin-Yoku and it's the practice of going out to a forest and bringing attention and awareness to your senses and body.

It's literally to bathe your senses while being out in nature.

Head down to any number of our many hiking trails in Singapore, be it Dairy Farm or even MacRitchie Resevoir. Spend an hour or two of simply walking. Let each of your senses have a turn at enjoying the walk.

Enjoy the clean, crisp air of being in a forest. Let your eyes relax as your focus on the fresh green leaves, and bath your senses in the scent of the forest. Feel the cool wind brushing through the leaves. It's a refuge from our hot, humid weather.

Forest Bathing is a great way to help you restore your mood and leave you feeling refreshed. Enjoy this little activity by yourself or with your loved ones this weekend!

5. Visit a Reservoir and settle in with a book.

We may not have the most pristine oceans, but our reservoirs are pretty darn great. The waters sparkle in the sun, and you're surrounded by tall, beautiful trees. The wind blowing across the water is cool and refreshing.

You can even double up with the above activity (forest bathing), and bring yourself down for a walk to MacRitchie or Lower Pierce Reservoir this weekend. After your walk, end up at a nice spot overlooking the reservoir.

I mean, just check out the below. Can it get anymore perfect?

Lower Pierce Reservoir. Photo credit: Nparks

Bring a book along and just enjoy some time out in the open while reading. If you can't get a seat, well, just sit on a grass and lean on a tree! Stop being so fussy and just take some time to enjoy our beautiful country.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Hope you enjoyed this article on 5 outdoor activities to try out this weekend. Do give these well-being focused activities a go. It's great for your mental wellbeing and happiness! Take care!


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