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5 Outdoor Activities in Singapore for a Happier Weekend.

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Get out of your usual weekend routines and try these activities for a more well-being focused life!

Weekends are very precious to us Singaporeans, but do we really make the most of our weekends?

Yes, work is very tiring. We chiong all week like one siao kia in our busy jobs. When Friday evening comes and we finally get toleave our work places for the week, it's like some heavenly chorus singing a glorious hymn to us.

"The weekend is here. Rejoice. Rejoice".

But what do we Singaporeans usually get up to on the weekends?

  • Sleep in and only wake up in the afternoon.

  • Play game and watch TV.

  • Catch up on Korean Drama.

  • Go Orchard Road or shopping mall gai gai.

  • Go Café drink coffee and go on some pretend Eat, Pray, Love food journey.

Many of us do the same thing over and over again. You not sian meh?

Is this where you spend your weekends?

Then when Sunday evening comes and you have to go back to work, you suddenly feel so blue and think to yourself:

"Aiyah I never do anything fun this weekend".