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It's time to bring back these 6 childhood activities into your life.

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Fun and lepak times ahead with these simple and forgotten childhood pleasures.

I miss my childhood. Maybe you do too.

When we were young, everything seemed new and exciting. I spent plenty of time with my brother, who is three years younger than I am.

We could make games out of anything and everything around us. Cardboard boxes, used napkin rolls and clothes pegs became robot costumes and ninja weapons. Our living room sofa turned into an obstacle course. Even the staircase became a rather bumpy slide. We would play all sorts of games in the garden, from badminton, to make-do waterslides, to catching and baseball.

I spent a lot of my earlier childhood drawing, a hobby that I've long since relinquished. I drew comics and even created a newsletter I would distribute to my friends in Primary school. This newsletter even had a mascot, oddly named 'Alex the Slug'.

My brother and I spent our afternoon biking around our neighbourhood, ringing our bell and exploring the unknown. We would bike as far as we were allowed to, and still, just a little bit further each time.

These nostalgic times of adventure, novelty, and exploration seem forgotten.

Just like many good experiences, we adapt to them over time and the newness fades away. Doing the same thing again and again, no matter how fun it is, and it becomes absolutely mundane. Well, that's just how our human brains tend to work.

Now as adults, we have the perception that there doesn't seem like much newness to the environment we live in each day. This is one of the reasons why we turn to digital media, like TV. It's a constant source of stimulation that spoon-feeds our mind with the healthy and the unhealthy alike. We've also increased our dependence on overseas vacations. This we know, guarantees our senses the unexplored and unknown.

Yet, what about all the times we remain in our country, waiting for the next vacation to come. Have we stopped seeing the beauty of the everyday little things that are around us, right now? Have we also forgotten how to be curious as the years have gone by?

I hope this article can spark your creativity and curiousity once again. Even if just a little bit. Here are six ideas from yours and my childhood that can we can revisit once again.

1) Go out and simply get lost in the world.