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9 Questions to ask yourself to get to know yourself better.

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Discover the values behind what lights you up or gets you down. My answers included :|

So I found these questions in a book I was reading called "Navigating Loneliness".

It's a neat little book that covers a lot of Positive Psychology concepts, and addresses loneliness not just from an external "connecting with others" perspective, but also an internal "connecting with me" perspective.

Basically, instead of viewing loneliness as purely a bad thing or spending all our time thinking about how we can connect with others, we can also learn to embrace the times when we are alone to get to know ourselves better.

Namely, learning to reframe loneliness as a positive time of solitude instead.

Anyway, I do think that the nine questions are excellent ones and really gets you to reflect deeply on who you are as a person.

You know me by now, most of my work and life beliefs are value-centric - I believe that the road to inner peace and happiness lies in focusing and continuously moving forward to the things that really matter most.

So, find some quiet time, brew yourself a nice cup of hot tea, and try answering these nine questions for yourself:

Nine questions to connect better with yourself:

  1. What do you most love doing and why?

  2. What are you most grateful for?

  3. If you were guaranteed to succeed, what would you try? What would you have a go at doing?

  4. If you were likely to fail, what would you do anyway because you love it so much?

  5. What do you love doing so much that you often lose track of time doing it?

  6. What places do you treasure the most?

  7. What activities drain your energy.

  8. What behaviours and responses get you in trouble or annoy others?

  9. What triggers you to respond angrily or passionately? What are the values that these triggers are stepping on?

The first seven questions invites you to think more about your true loves and values. After writing them down, do think about how you can start spending more time doing the things you love, or even visit the places that yo