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You are NOT your feelings.

You are the one who feels them.

Feelings can be scary, especially when it feels like they are going to suck us all the way in.

But we make a BIG jump in healing when we learn to untangle ourselves from our feelings.

When we can't untangle ourselves from our feelings, we become ALL OF IT.

We think that in this moment, this feeling is me.

That I AM this feeling.

And since we are the feeling, we start to hate everything that we are about at that moment.

If we are sad, everything feels bad.

If we are anxious, everything feels like it will go wrong.

We struggle with ourselves, and go into panic trying to get rid of this feeling.

But here's the question: how do we get rid of this feeling if this feeling is us?


On the other hand, when we untangle ourselves from feelings, we see that these feelings are not all of us at all.

They are simply parts of us.

Parts of us that in this moment feel overwhelmed, sad, anxious, exhausted and so on.

And because we can see them distinctly as parts of us, it means we can do something for them.

In fact, try this out. Go to each one of them and ask:

"Hey what's wrong?"

Let them tell you their fears and worries in that moment, so they don't feel neglected.

Just like how we would never neglect someone we care about who is upset or worried too.

For the truth is, we all deserved to be heard. And that includes all those feelings inside of you too.

Take care,



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