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The antidote to shame is vulnerability.

Because shame dies when spoken about in safe places.

And being vulnerable is to invite ourselves to be loved.

Despite all of our flaws.

We can still be truly and honestly loved.


True story, I was pretty ashamed of myself today.

I wasn't being a very nice person the earlier half of today.

In fact, I was being a downright grump and even a tad paggro too.

And this was not just to any random person out there (which is not nice too btw).

This was to people I cherished and cared about.

People that I really value and love.


The other truth of the matter is that I've been a little bogged down lately.

Even a little (okay maybe alot) burnt out.

Mainly due to things outside my therapy practice, in brief:

- having to deal with sudden rental changes at our practice, but make sure we can still keep things running.

- various challenges and politics (gosh) in running a mental health focused community and social enterprise.

- having to urgently step in to help run a 10-week social anxiety workshop because someone pulled out. And to get familiar with the curriculum within days too.

- and still dealing with a torn patella knee injury, and not being able to do many of the things I love, even like walking.

I felt really tired today.


But, alas, tired is no excuse for being a grumpy little prat.


So instead, I'm thankful for the safe places I had today.

The many safe, beautiful and wonderful people I've come to know.

To be vulnerable and share what's been troubling me, and what's been bogging me down.

And despite the shame, to be told that it was okay.

That I am accepted still.

That I am still loved.

Thank you.


P. S. If you need a safe place, join our anonymous discord community. Check it out at

P. S. 2. Thanks to our volunteers for running our first hiking event today 😊 and being there later at our meetup too. Seeing all of you made me happy. You all are amazing.

P. S. 3. Special thanks to the person who knows of a place.

I appreciate you all


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