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Anger is a disguise.

And why we need to search beneath it.

Anger is often the emotion we use to disguise our more uncomfortable feelings.

Feelings such as sadness, fear, or even helplessness too.

But these are all vulnerable feelings, and for many of us, being vulnerable was not an option.

Because we learnt that it was alot easier to be angry than to be vulnerable.

I honestly can't tell you how many people I've met who were not allowed to cry as a child.

To show our tears and our fears, only meant we were beaten, dismissed or told to "suck it up".

Crying or asking for any form of help only led to it being turned against us, and having such feelings meant that we were weak and useless.

So instead of fear, we learnt to project out fear instead.

And instead of sadness, our tears became outbursts of rage.

Whatever it took so we at least got a reaction.

For this is the only way we thought we could be heard.


Being vulnerable was never meant to be used against us.

Being vulnerable was supposed to help us find love and comfort.

We were never supposed to feel "bad" in having such feelings. These feelings are valid, we were meant to feel safe to express them.


Yet the thing about anger is that it only drives and warns people away.

It makes us seen only at a superficial level.

So I wanted to share this message so that we all can be more aware.

That the next time we meet anger, we can look beyond that.

Whether in ourselves or others, let's notice what's underneath.

Perhaps a cry for help.

Perhaps an attempt to be understood.

Perhaps a need to feel loved.

Like every single one of us always deserved.

P. S. From an angry and misunderstood adolescent.

Take care,



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