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It's okay to feel what you need to feel.

Your feelings are always valid.

You and I, we share a common humanity.

Life is hard. Our pain is real.

But far too often, when the pain comes along, we struggle our hardest to reject it.

We somehow deny ourselves of feeling the sadness that we are naturally supposed to feel.

Perhaps this comes from lifelong programming, where being sad is seen as a bad.

Or perhaps there is deep fear of feeling our feelings, that if we do feel them, they don't go away or we start to go mad.

But you and I, we know that's not true is it.

Feelings do come and go.

The fact is, feelings make our suffering too real, but then again, that's how feelings are supposed to feel.

And here's the funny truth about suffering actually, that the more we learn to suffer the LESS we actually do.

For embracing our feelings means acknowledging our pain, which allows us to embrace these three axioms of self-compassion instead.

1. Common humanity vs Isolation

Suffering is a part of being human, and you and I suffer. Our pain might be different but you are not alone in yours too.

2. Self-kindness vs Self-judgment

Suffering is already painful, so stop judging or hurting yourself even more. You deserve kindness, just as you would give to me, if sadness was what I told you that I feel.

3. Mindful awareness vs Over-identification

Embracing our feelings allows us to be mindful of them. Feelings are part of us, but not all of us in fact. And the more we learn how to feel them, the less we are at war with them too.

Take care,



P. S. Going through my own time of suffering.

It does hurt and at times I am scared. But still, I am here with you.

And it settles me with all my heart, to know that you are here with me too.

(Circumstances have forced me away from being here for a while. But I'll be back as soon as I can. To you out there, continue to be well. I wish the best to you my friend 🙏 let's be here for each other, Hernping)



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