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It Will All Make Sense One Day, Okay?

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

All roads lead to the present.

"Why did I have to fail the first year of my junior college?"

"Why did I fail my first year of university?"

"Why did I drop out of my doctorate studies?"

"Why did I get rejected from the jobs I wanted?"

"Why did I end up in a job I hated?"

"Why did I have to fall into a Depressive relapse again?"

These were some of the questions that I came across in life.

Frankly, each encounter or supposed "detour" made me feel very lost. It felt like I had strayed off the path of life.

The path I was "supposed" to follow.

It doesn't help that we've been told from young that we have to go from point A (e.g. study) to B (e.g. getting into a good university), in order to get to C (e.g. a good job) in the future.

That's the truth about what most kids in Singapore have been told isn't it?

I'm wondering if it was the same for you.

Yet, here's the thing.

Life isn't a straight path for you to follow. There's no one single guidebook to find the right path for you either.

What was your parent's path might not be your own. Same for your friends either. We all have our own paths in life.

And really, you're also meant to be lost in life.

Because it's in those moments that you get to really find your true self again.

And from there, readjust and pivot, and get to who you're really supposed to be.

P.S. I ended up okay too (I think) :)

Let's embrace being lost together,



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