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Letting go of guilt and shame.

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

We didn't have any other options at that time. We didn't know any better.

To you out there carrying guilt and shame, I want you to try this with me.

Forgive your younger selves.

Whether they were from when you were a child, or just a few years or months ago, see their hurt.

You see, you were really suffering at that point in time.

And you may have resorted to behaviours that led you to feel regret.

But really, what you were doing was resorting to survival patterns and traits you picked up because of the pain and trauma then.

So take a moment and reflect on a memory of a past.

Of a time when your younger self was suffering, and when this younger version of you didn't know any better.

See that they were really trying their best.

Despite being in such deep pain.

So forgive them, help them let go of this burden.

Speak to them, let them know you understand.

Say it again, that you truly know that they really didn't know any better.

They were just trying to survive.

Then forgive them, so you can keep going on your journey to heal.

Let's go heal, okay?

Your friend,


P. S. Thank you wife for staying by my side. I'm doing my best for us now :)



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