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Is being "nice" a good thing?

And why I chose to be kind instead.

To tell you the truth, "nice" was something I really struggled with in the past with.

Because I thought that "nice" meant that I truly cared.

Where to be "nice" was how I showed others my love.

And how much I cared for them as well.

But the thing was also this.

"Nice" meant that I was kept my own feelings at bay.

"Nice" meant I put my feelings aside to prioritise how others feel.

And inevitably the question that arises will be this:

"If I'm being so nice to you, why can't you be nice back too?"

You see, "nice" breeds resentment.

It's the subtle silencing of our own voice just to keep the peace.

But who's peaceful here?

Perhaps everyone else.

Everyone else but me.

So to tell you the truth, I don't care very much for being "nice" at all now.

And this doesn't mean I've become a mean and nasty person too (okay, sometimes).

This just means I've learnt to value and prioritise other aspects of me.

Such as being authentic and genuine.

In showing others who I truly am.

Being supportive and caring as well.

Especially in all the capacity that I can.

And overall being kind to others.

I mean, I still truly, deeply care.

But in that vein never ever neglecting myself again.

Because to be kind to myself is what gives me the strength to be kind to others.

And kindness is who I am.

Take care,




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