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Letting go of guilt.

"Guilty" is a feeling too.

And so I embraced my guilt.

No longer pushing away the pain, nor the heaviness of how it feels.

And I sat with it for as long as it needed me to.

All while reassuring it again and again:

"I know this hurts, it's okay to hurt".

"Now we know, next time we'll do better".

"I promise".


For everyone out there managing guilt today.

Because this is a heavy feeling to feel.

But I also want you to know you're not alone in this.

Guilty is an emotion that we all feel.

And tbh, I've met so many people this week bearing this heavy feeling.

Whether it's the guilt of not doing a "good enough" job at work.

The guilt of this burdening others.

The guilt that we didn't live up to the standards we've set for ourselves.

All in all, the guilt of having a "weakness".

But that's just it, isn't it?

We are all merely human beings.

Doing what we can with we what we have each and everyday.

And we will make mistakes.

We will have good and bad days.

Days we are at 100% and days we fall to 40% too.

But that's just it, we are human beings.

So embrace the imperfection of being human each day.

Go easy on yourself.

And know that no matter what anybody else tells you.

You are allowed to feel.

And all feelings, even the feeling of guilt, is never a weakness okay?

With love and hope,



P. S. For Sav and Aly, two of the bravest people I know.


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