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For everyone still trying to learn to love themselves.

I hope you embrace all parts of you.

Are you struggling to love yourself?

Are there parts of "you" that you hate too?

Maybe, like me, there are parts of you've come to be ashamed of.

That makes it hard to start loving "you".


Maybe like me, these were the aspects of you that were too angry at times.

It made you bitter and act out in ways you don't want to.

Same for the parts that you made you "too sensitive" to other people.

That perhaps left you wondering why others aren't this sensitive too.

And for me, one of the biggest parts that I struggled with the most.

Was the part that was shy, awkward and overly concerned with how people saw me too.

Because this also was the part of me that caused me to lie in bed, sleepless and ruminating..

Whether you saw through all the vulnerable parts of me that was trying my best to hide from you..


But what I learnt was also this.

You can't hate and blame yourself into loving yourself.

You can't hide away these parts and pretend they are not there.

For all this does is create a war inside, a raging war inside of you.


So go inwards.

Stop fighting with yourself.

To love yourself is to start accepting ALL OF YOU.

Yes, even the parts that are angry, too sensitive, too anxious.


By going back in time, to what created these parts inside of you.

Because what you will find is for every part of you that hate.

Lies a story of how you were deeply hurt too.

For example, part of me that angry at times - was the part that just wanted to be loved and not criticised.

The part of me that was too sensitive - was just yearning not to be dismissed and to be understood.

And the part of me that was worried about how others saw me - really was just terrified of rejection.

For rejection was a hurtful thing I went through.

So what I did with time and with healing, is to go to all these parts of myself.

Listening, learning, and slowly embracing.

The hurt I went through, no longer desiring this war within myself.

Don't give up on this journey okay?

Let's get there, you and I, together.

With all the parts of ourselves.





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