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On being disillusioned about mental health initiatives in Singapore.

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

May I share a little secret?

I've been feeling more and more disillusioned by so-called mental health organisations in Singapore.

And one of my biggest worries is that I'll end up like many of them.

That my (or my social enterprise's) selling point becomes the claim that a minister or some random MP (Minister of Parliament) supports what we do.

Even though, by experience, many of them don't have a clue or genuinely care about mental health is at all.

That maybe my focus should be bringing in more "well-known" or reputable names in as well.

Perhaps, doctor this and psychiatrist that.

Even though I well know that many of these doctors will just be in it for the money and reputation.

(Yes, I'm prepared to be flamed for this post).

Then we also have our mental health organisations whose main feature is a list of all the corporate clients they've partnered in.

Btw, this week I was asked to be a founding member of Singapore FIRST EVER employee wellbeing champion network.

Which in all honest truth, I think is another poorly thought out initiative - placing the onus on the individual employee to seek help, to regulate themselves...

When really it's the organisation and leaders who need to lead and promote this change instead.

A one hour long mindfulness or therapy session isn't going to solve a toxic working culture.