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Reflections on this world of pain.

And to find comfort in being you.

There's a lot of pain in this world.

So much suffering that goes on each day.

I see it almost day to day, in my work as a psychologist.

But I also see it within my own little world.

In the people I love.

And even me at times.

Some would call this the "human condition".

I prefer to keep it simple, and just call it life.

Because life is challenging.

And life can be really hard.

Being thrown into a world as innocent beings.

But expected to be so much more than that.

And the unfortunately truth of life is that each and every one of us is hurting.

I say unfortunate, because this hurt is passed on and on.

From one being to another.

All of us, really, innocently suffering.


I always wonder from a bigger picture perspective if there's a way for all of us to heal.