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Reflections on this world of pain.

And to find comfort in being you.

There's a lot of pain in this world.

So much suffering that goes on each day.

I see it almost day to day, in my work as a psychologist.

But I also see it within my own little world.

In the people I love.

And even me at times.

Some would call this the "human condition".

I prefer to keep it simple, and just call it life.

Because life is challenging.

And life can be really hard.

Being thrown into a world as innocent beings.

But expected to be so much more than that.

And the unfortunately truth of life is that each and every one of us is hurting.

I say unfortunate, because this hurt is passed on and on.

From one being to another.

All of us, really, innocently suffering.


I always wonder from a bigger picture perspective if there's a way for all of us to heal.

But that's a really hard thing to think about isn't it.

For it's way beyond what I can personally do.

So in my own little world, I find that I can rest my case by doing the below.

To be the calm in my own life, and for those around me.

To spread little joys such as this little doodle.

To be kind to those who need it.

And not forgetting myself too.

So whoever is out there reading this, perhaps you can take a pause as well.

And see if you can be the calm for just one other person as well.

Maybe that's you, maybe it's someone else.

But let's together all of us try to heal.

Little by little, isn't that all we can do?

Life is hard, so take care please.

And know this, I'll always be here for you.

Take care,



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