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You are and have always been "good enough".

A bit about what's called a "Defectiveness Schema".

Have you heard of what's called a "defectiveness schema"?

It's the core belief that makes us feel internally flawed.

It happens when we get repeatedly exposed to rejection, criticism, and even emotional neglect during childhood.

No matter what you did, you were made to feel you were never "enough".

You were always told that you could:

"Try harder"

"Be better"

"Be stronger"

"Be a better child"

And after spending so much of your growing years hearing such words, it's no surprise that this feeling of inadequacy is carried with you into adulthood.

Even now, you're still clamoring to "enough". Life might feel like an endless chase to achieve something that will finally redeem you.

But achievement after achievement, it still feels like something is missing.

This feeling goes quite deep inside you. In fact, you're probably afraid that if people get too close to you, they will see you for who "you really are" - an inadequate human being.

And just like what happened many years ago to you, you fear that they will likewise reject, criticise or withdraw from you.

It might even feel as if, should anyone see the "real" you, they would find you to be inferior and unlovable.


Then again.