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For when you don't get closure.

Because you deserve better.

Grief is hard, and harder still when there is no closure.

For whatever reason, we yearn to know but we weren't given an answer.

Maybe they took us for granted, maybe they were non-confrontational or just too afraid.

Maybe they were in denial, maybe they were struggling with something.

Maybe they just stopped caring.

Our minds may look for a hundred different maybes, but perhaps the truth of the maybe is this.

Maybe we will just never know too.


But still we have to move forward.

For aren't you the one that was hurt in the end?

Aren't you the one who feels like you've been left behind?

Without an answer?


May your desire for peace be stronger than being attached to people who don't value you anymore.

This truth may hurt, but that in itself is closure too.

It's not going to an easy journey. I'm not going to lie.

Addressing all the unresolved emotions.

From ones like loss and a sense of abandonment. To the anger and resentment of being treated unfairly.

Even having a feeling that things feel really unsafe too.

But we have to meet those emotions where they are.

They are all valid.

They have a place to grieve alongside with you.


Feel, and then move on by making this closure concrete to you.

One of the things that we might do in therapy after processing the emotions is to even write a gratitude letter.

Not to the person they are now.

But to the person from a time that you valued and were valued as well.

We'll put our heartfelt thanks into that letter. Along with all that we feel.

There will be tears. There will be sadness. I can almost promise you that.

But that is us processing the grief.

Finally doing it for ourselves.

Then when you're done, close your eyes and visualise yourself giving it to that person.

And then turning and walking away.

Knowing that we are not doing this for anyone else but for ourselves and our own inner peace.

Because you deserve better.

Take care,


P. S. Happy to see a client who went through this finally smile today


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