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7 Reasons why you should visit a Pet Cafe this weekend.

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

What on earth do Pet cafes have to do with Wellbeing!?!

There are only four reasons why you've never been to a Pet Café:

  1. You hate dogs and other animals. Maybe it's the fur and allergies; maybe it's your religion; maybe you just have a rotten heart.

  2. You've been living under some longkang in Singapore and you never knew they existed.

  3. You don't have a dog or pet, so you paiseh to go.

  4. You just like doing the same old thing each and every week, like the boring person you are.

Well, please know that the above is just for fun. However, if any of the reasons except the first one resonates with you, then this article is perfect for you.

Dog-friendly vs Pet Cafes.

First-off, there's a difference between the two - don't be mistaken. Pet Cafes are cafes that specifically cater to people wanting to bring their pets to socialise and hang out with other dogs. Many of these cafes allow dogs to roam freely around and interact with other dogs and humans.

You definitely don't need your own pet to visit one, and you can pet and say hi to as many cute dogs as you like.

On the other hand, dog-friendly cafes, outdoor bars and restaurants are ones where owners bring their pets just to chill out with during a meal. Depending on the owner, they might want their own privacy and may not like the interaction, whether with your dog or you.

This article is about the former, Pet Cafes, and here are eight well-being related reasons why you should visit one this weekend.

1) Being around Pets is therapeutic.

It's a scientifically proven fact that pets can have a health and mood boosting effect on humans. Physically, they can help to lower blood pressure, while mentally, they help to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness.

It's wonderfully therapeutic to visit a pet café and watch all the dogs roaming around you. The experience also encourages you to be more present, and focus on what's happening around you in the here and now. It's really a different experience from, say, going to any other normal café and just using your phone.

2) The big goofy smiles and cuteness overload.

If you went to a normal café and everyone came round smiling at you, that would be plain eerie. You might even think there was something wrong with your face.

Yet, when you visit a pet café, do expect plenty of wide grins from the dogs walking by your table, greeting you with a warm tongue-hanging smile and asking for a little pat or scratch.

3) You get to pet and play with pets if you don't have one.

It's totally okay to go to a pet café even if you don't own your dog or cat - plenty of people do just that. In fact, there are many parents bringing their children to these cafes for this purpose. It's a lot of fun!

Best thing, you can reach out and pet any dog that goes by. You might even want to get on the floor and cuddle it. Do tell your kids not to pick the pets up or kidnap one of them and take them home.

4) The food is usually pretty darn good!

Here's another reason to visit a Pet cafe - the food! They are usually very fairly priced too. One of my favourite pet cafes is Menage Cafe. Check out their Duck Confit below. Yummers.

They've also got food specifically for dogs too. Soba, our Shiba Inu, and Mandu, our newly adopted Corgi, love their home-made meatballs. Even I was tempted to give these a try.

5) It's an easy way to meet new people.

I don't think there's any hard research on this, but Dog owners seem to be the most chill-out people on the planet. As a dog owner myself, I'm very happy to entertain someone who wants to ask me questions about my dogs. You can also chit chat with other pet owners if you are one, and get the best pet tips in town.

Who knows, you might even meet your future husband or wife there.

6) It's a novel way to spend your weekend afternoons, and good for your psychology.

It's a simple way to introduce a new experience into your life instead of doing the same old boring weekend routine over and over again.

Novel experiences sends a shot of dopamine into our minds, giving us a boost of happiness. So why not hop down to one of the many pet cafes this weekend and spend a couple of hours enjoying the food and company of pets?

7) And if you have dogs, it's good for their psychology too.

Have you ever met a dog that hasn't been socialised? These are the ones that bark at any moving object, or go in for a bite when they see another dog.

Do take your pets down so they can meet other friendly dogs in a safe environment. I've brought my dogs ever since they were mere 6 month old Pups. They've become the most easy going dogs too!

So check out this list of pet cafes in Singapore. I really hope you have fun, and who knows, you might bump into me there too.

Thanks for reading Kaya Toast for the Soul. If you'd like more articles like these, do let me know in the comments!


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