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On struggling with feelings.

And learning to let them be instead.

So I've been feeling a little bit melancholic today.

Which is most probably the culmulation of being sick on and off for the last two weeks.

And me being me (yes I'm human too), I hundred percent failed to practice the things I talk about here as well as with my therapy clients.

And found myself really struggling with this feeling today.

Not liking that it's there.

Not liking the way it made me feel.

Where if you sit down and think about it, it's such a funny thing to try and chase away your own feelings.

Almost like an internal tug of war for control.

"Go away feeling! I don't want you here".

"No!", it seems to want to say.

Tugging me along yet even harder still.

No clear winner for the rest of today.

But alas, it finally dawned upon me that, doh, here I was doing this again.

Struggling and resisting my own feelings.

Trying to force myself to somehow be okay.

So what I did was to do the opposite of all of the above instead.

And I just let myself sit and let this feeling be.

Getting in nice and snug with this feeling of being "not okay".

Remembering that this feeling won't last forever.

Remembering what is in my control.

And letting myself draw, create and relax, and even making up this little post.

Where somehow between then and to this exact moment in time...

This feeling left, all so quietly, and the rain has stopped for today.

Take care,




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