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To everyone out there who feels like you've lost your "voice".

Let's stop prioritising the peace of others only to bring ourselves internal chaos.

To everyone out there who feels like you've lost your voice.

I acknowledge how difficult things must be for you.

To keep it all in.

To never share how your thoughts.

To feel like you can talk about how you really, really feel.

It's such a lonely place to be in.

It's a place no one deserves to be in at all.

You and I, we might do this for all sorts of reasons.

Perhaps we don't want to upset the other person.

Nor do we want to feel like we are hurting them either.

Or maybe we've come to believe that whatever we feel is too much.

That we no longer have the "right" to share this with the other.

But that's not true.

It's absolutely not true at all.

Because, believe it or not, your feelings do matter.

And it's through sharing our feelings that we actually get closer.

Because it's vulnerability that builds real connection.

It's genuineness that fosters true friendships.

And it's shared understanding of each other that cements that all in.

Plus to tell your the truth, if you do share your feelings and the other person turns into an argument?

Then that's not on you.

That's on them.

Because your job is never to manage other people's feelings, that's a trauma response.

Your job is to manage your own, and then share how you feel in a genuine and healthy way.


"I felt really upset when you said this the other day".

"I need you to hear me out and acknowledge how I feel".

"Would that be okay?"

Because that's perfectly okay.

You are allowed to share your feelings.


You've got this,


P. S. Your feelings are always, always valid.


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