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You are not a burden.

And this is why.

To the soul out there who feels like you're a major letdown.

Who feels like you've made the people around you suffer because of you.

I get how horrible you feel.

That you feel like such a disappointment.

That you feel like such a burden too.

That despite how hard you're trying each day, you still can't seem to "shake out of it".

Passing all of those "bad" emotions to your loved ones around you against your will.

And it sucks when the people you love get affected by you.

It sucks to think that you're causing pain.

It sucks especially when you also know...

That that's the last thing you'd ever want to do.


But remember this, NO ONE ever wants to get into such a state.

NO ONE wants to affect their loved ones still.

But despite this all, there you are still TRYING.

And trying.

Still FIGHTING with what little strength you have to this very moment till.

Because a BIG part of you knows that this current state is NOT who you are.

There's a BIGGER PART of you that you're trying to bring out still.

And if there's one simple message I want you to know today.

It's that this is the REAL PART OF YOU.

Not the hurt, not the trauma.

The part of you that wants to love, hope, make the ones around you happy?

That's the absolute REALEST part of you.

So focus on that instead okay?

You are still healing after all.

What matters most of all is that you're still there trying.

And as long as you do, I guarantee you'll get there.

I believe in you, and so should you still.

Take care,



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