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A little reminder that you are enough.


"What if my best still wasn't good enough?", he wondered yet somemore.

"There's no such thing", I said in return.

"How come?", he wondered, appearing confused.

To which I said to him, while embracing him close.

"Because ENOUGH isn't about achieving, never making mistakes and being a perfect human being".

"That was what was instilled within us, but think about it. It's an entirely fabricating thing."


"ENOUGH is about embracing life as it is, with all it's ups and downs - just like we did this week".

"And look at you, you're still here, trying and trying".

"Be proud of how yourself for embracing these ups and downs."

"Life is hard, you gave it your best".

"And that's always enough".


To everyone out there with all the love in my soul.

Be well.

Be safe.

You are enough.

Take care,




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