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Anger is not my "True Colours".

Some people see the rain and not the rainbow.

I find it very manipulative of people to call the times when we were angry, mean or nasty our "True Colours".

We all have our dark days too - that's normal. Afterall, aren't we still a work-in-progress?

Unfortunately, there are yet days that are not only dark, but darkened still by people who intrude across our boundaries.

Their actions and relentlessness trigger a part of ourselves that we are still trying to heal.

We weren't prepared for this encounter, and we might have lashed out. Got emotional. Said mean things.

It's not totally our fault, and it's not theirs either.

Still, I'm sure we felt really guilty or even ashamed afterwards.

Well, what's done is done.

Yet, know this, you're already trying your absolutely best.

One bad day, or even two, doesn't describe all of you.

You are so much more than that.

We are all brilliantly multi-coloured human beings.

There are so many facets of us:

  • The times when we coloured our days with happiness and joy

  • Brought light to others by being kind and understanding

  • Or even sacrificed ourselves by being patient and giving.

We must never let anyone, absolutely any one, reduce the essence of who we are down to the days when we were angry or had an episode.

Just because they don't see the goodness in you doesn't mean you're good.