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Is it selfish to share our feelings?

TLDR: no.

Because really, all any of us ever wanted was to be loved.

Whether we were feeling sad, anxious, angry, alone, or neglected.

All we wanted was to comforted with love.

And with presence.

And then be held ever so close and be told that everything was going to be okay.


One of the worst things that can happen to a child is to grow up in the presence of people who made us feel like we didn't matter.

Perhaps we were made to feel like there was no "time" for our feelings.

Or that anything other than showing a smile on our face was darkly frowned upon instead.

This doesn't necessarily have to make it their fault, whether "they" are our parents, guardians or loved ones.

They might have been utterly burdened by life themselves.

Life isn't easy after all. So many of us do struggle.

Still, the fault should never have been made to feel like it was ours.

Especially as mere childrean, hoping to seek security and comfort from those we thought would unconditionally provide this.

Instead, we were repeatedly turned away, feelings turned against us through punishment, or silent treatments that made us feel neglected.

And again and again bring told that we were troublesome and selfish.

We became silent instead.

Losing a part of our voice.

The voice that was always meant to be a part of us, the one that was meant to make us feel like we mattered.

Healing is a way for us to find this voice again.

To know what happened to us was never our fault.

That sharing our feelings was never selfish of us. It was how we could ask for love.

And then figure out how we can also love them back at the same time.

Dedicated to many of the people I know who feel this way.

And one of you in particular who asked this question this week. Thank you for your growth :)

Take care,



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